Worth Point?

Bradley stencil machines and their monetary value today

What is a Bradley stencil machine worth today?


The monetary value of these machines today is determined by the amount of money enthusiasts are willing to pay for them!

There are two questions you should ask yourself to determine the estimated monetary value.

1. Is the machine in such a condition that it can be displayed as a decorative exhibit in a museum or in a store?

2. Is the machine in full working order and are all of the punches and dies still in good working order? (All letters and numbers can be cut perfectly in oilboard and you have a proof sample cut?)

If both are true, a «Long Bradley» can be worth $400-800 on average and up to $1.500 USD for museum like pieces. An open circular machine (Model C and D) circa 1900 or 1910 is also worth up to $1.500 USD in museum condition. Below average condition drastically reduces the price.

Newer Bradley machines look like the modern machines and have a retail value of about $400 to $800 USD if points 1 and 2 apply. Full working "Giant" models with 1¼ and 1½ inch stencil size can be worth a bit more.

For example - Long Bradley stencil machines are up for sale on ebay.com one or two times a year.

New modern manual stencil cutting machines (Marsh or Diagraph MSP) can be purchased today for between $2.300 and $2.900 USD. Used machines range from 250 to 800 USD. Shipping and customs fees is also a big cost factor as the machines are very heavy and bulky. This can quickly add a few hundred dollars in delivery costs.

Dusty and untested condition?

Most of the time old stencil machines are in a very used, dusty and untested condition.

If your machine is untested and in a rusty or dusty condition, they should be worth in the neighborhood of $100 to $200 as a donor of spare parts only.

Almost all parts can be derusted and restored with oil, but some machines have broken punches or dies. These broken letters and numbers reduce the value enormously.